Presenters will be Melissa Rhodes of Bangor Housing and Michelle York of Westbrook Housing (bios below)


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Learning objectives:

Dealing with Resident Behavioral Issues:

  • Psychological; Types & Issues…services implemented
  • Physical Health Issues…services implemented
  • Family Issues
  • Threatening, Harassment, Violent Behavior
  • Drugs (Presentation from a Bangor Police Department officer in Bangor training and a Community Policing Officer from Westbrook)

Unacceptable Unit Conditions:

  • Sanitary & Health Issues
  • Hoarding
  • Pests & Bed Bugs
  • Vandalism
  • Pets/Animals

Roles and Responsibilities of Maintenance Technicians and Property Managers

  • ‘Team Approach’ PM & Maintenance Techs…reporting, documentation and processes, risk factors of not reporting
  • Hearings & Outcomes
  • Working together for Positive Resident Outcomes and Protecting our Assets

Panel discussion in how to best deal with challenging residents


Melissa Rhodes Biography

Melissa Rhodes is the Director of Property Management at Bangor Housing. Melissa has been with Bangor Housing for 7 1/2 years. Melissa guides and supports property managers in Public Housing, Mixed Finance Housing, including Elderly & Disabled, and Fair Market Rent apartments.  Before this she worked as a Team Director for 19 Mental Health and Intellectual group homes for 15 years. Melissa assisted in opening multiple Crisis homes, housing people with schizophrenia, explosive disorder, homelessness and drug/alcohol addictions, etc. Melissa also managed a 9-unit personal support apartment program for those with mental or intellectual disabilities wanting to live independently in the community. Supervising a staff of more than 25, she thought she had witnessed it all until transitioning to Property Management, not realizing how much her experience was to broaden.

Michelle York Biography

Michelle York is the Supportive Services Director for Westbrook Housing and has been employed there since 1994.  Michelle serves as the service coordinator at eight housing communities for elders and people with disabilities, as well as in day to day operations of two State funded grants; Independent Housing with Services Program (IHSP) and the Comfortably Home program.   She supervises a staff of three to include the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program Coordinator/Reasonable Accommodation Compliance Officer, Activities Coordinator and Homemaker.

Michelle graduated from St. Joseph’s College with a major in Sociology and minor in Psychology.  She assisted in the collaboration and publication of the original MSHA Program Guide to Services Coordination in 1996.  This tool is still in its original publication and used as a training tool for new RSC’s.  She is a previous Board Director for NERSC, Inc. and 3 years ago was appointed to the Social Services Committee in Westbrook by the Mayor.